Yacht Interior Options for Magnolia Residents


For yacht owners in Magnolia, WA, their vessel is like a second home. They also want it to be stylishly and comfortably appointed. This is where Allied Marble Granite, Inc. comes in. We specialize in installing natural stone yacht interior countertops to help Magnolia residents create luxurious living quarters in their watercrafts.

We can install custom-designed countertops in yacht bathrooms, yacht kitchens, and bars. Our company is a one-stop shop for meeting all the stone yacht interior countertop needs of Magnolia residents. From supplying stone slabs to fabricating countertops of specific dimensions to installing them in yachts, we do it all.

We offer yacht interior countertops for Magnolia vessels in a wide range of materials, including granite, quartz, and marble. Our company works with a commitment to installing premium-quality countertops that:

  • Enhance yacht interior
  • Increase the functionality of yacht bathrooms, yacht kitchens, and bars
  • Are ideally-suited for the environmental conditions at sea

Yacht Bathrooms – Natural Stone Vanities and Showers


People expect to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable time on their yachts. Elegantly furnished yacht bathrooms play a significant role in helping Magnolia yacht owners do exactly this. We install vanities and shower surrounds in high-grade natural stone materials to make yacht bathrooms in Magnolia vessels lavish, comfy, and classy.

We offer stone slabs in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to meet the different yacht interior décor requirements of our Magnolia customers for their yacht bathrooms. Our natural stone vanities and shower surrounds in Magnolia yacht bathrooms:

  • Make the bathrooms look rich and sophisticated
  • Give them a luxurious feel
  • Create a relaxing ambience in the bathing area

Magnolia Yacht Kitchens – Countertop and Flooring Options


Another important element that impacts the level of comfort during yacht travel is the design and décor of yacht kitchens and bars. We help Magnolia yacht owners with this as well. Hiring our services for installing countertops and flooring in yacht kitchens goes a long way in helping Magnolia residents vacation in ease and style.

We can install yacht kitchen flooring and countertops in limestone, tile, and many other stone products. No matter which material our customers pick, we make sure that the countertops and flooring in their Magnolia yacht kitchens and bars are:

  • Measured accurately
  • Cut and fabricated perfectly
  • Finished impeccably
  • Installed neatly and seamlessly

For natural stone yacht interior countertops and flooring, Magnolia residents should contact Allied Marble Granite, Inc. Call 206-453-2766.