Bothell Commercial Countertops


Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. is a premier provider of commercial countertops for a large number of Bothell, WA area business. Being a veteran in the business of custom countertops, our commercial countertops are renowned for the quality of countertop materials used. Bothell area businesses have benefitted from the visual boost their newly-installed custom countertops.

  • Commercial countertops are easy to maintain
  • Custom countertops can be fit to the space of your Bothell area establishment
  • Commercial countertops are made of sturdy countertop materials
  • Custom countertops are a long-term investment for your Bothell area business

Bothell Countertop Materials


Our custom countertops are made from countertop materials that we source from all over the world. Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. takes great strides to seek out the best sources of countertop materials for all the commercial countertops we create for our Bothell area clients. Quality is in our core and it shows in the craftsmanship of our custom countertops and the quality of our countertop materials used for fabrication.

We internally test the countertop materials that we use for all our custom countertops. We have set benchmarks for the quality of our countertop materials to ensure our Bothell area clients receive only the best commercial countertops from our fabrication line. The countertop materials for the fabrication of custom countertops are imported from such places as:

  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Mexico
  • China

Bothell Custom Countertops


When investing in commercial countertops for your Bothell area business, consider the long-term view of how your commercial countertops will fit your aesthetics and layout. Consult with our experts to see how your custom countertops can fit into the existing layout of your Bothell area establishment.

Our experts can also help you with visual decisions, for example to see how the countertop materialsyou choose for your custom countertops will complement or contrast with your interior design.

Let us design the perfect commercial countertops for your Bothell area establishment. We seek to ensure the best customer satisfaction with our fabrication and installation services.

Remember, you are our inspiration for the pieces of art we produce with our quality countertop materials. Choose us if you want to work with a company that:

  • Provides great value for your commercial countertops
  • Has decades of experience in designing custom countertops
  • Imports countertop materials that are a good mix of beauty, strength, and value
  • Manufactures commercial countertops that are built to last