Limestone Countertops Seattle

limestone-countertops-seattle-waWhen you install limestone countertops in your Seattle, WA property, they add a unique look to the area. For services related to limestone countertop, come to Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. We are a local, family-owned company offering high-end limestone countertops to the Seattle area customers.

Limestone countertops installed by us in Seattle are:

  • Premium quality
  • Durable
  • Heat resistant

Limestone countertops are comparatively less expensive than granite or quartz countertops. Get in touch with us when you want affordable yet elegant limestone countertops in your Seattle kitchens or bathrooms.

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Travertine Countertops Seattle

travertine-countertops-seattle-waTravertine countertops for Seattle properties come in various colors, from dark walnut color to milky white and few shades of red and yellow. These rocks have ancient origins. The travertine rocks are made of oxides which result in porous stones.

Travertine, in its natural state, has lots of pits, holes or gaps in it. These are not a problem as the voids in travertine stone can easily be filled with resins and the finished product is usually free of any depressions or holes.

Travertine countertops for your Seattle property:

  • Brighten the area as they reflect light
  • Are affordable
  • Lend versatility to any design
  • Come in different sizes and shapes

Apart from installations, we also provide maintenance services for travertine countertops in Seattle. We have trained personnel who can clean, polish and repair your travertine countertops in Seattle as and when you need them to.

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Residential Countertop Seattle

residential-countertop-seattle-waTravertine for residential countertop in Seattle properties is considered an ideal option by many homeowners. Travertine is renowned for their strength and resistance to damage. Choose travertine residential countertop for your Seattle residence if you want something durable.

Travertine residential countertop is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. Travertine countertops are naturally suitable to make a house look more lavish while staying within budget. The most attractive thing about travertine is that it has unmatched grace and style giving your home a classy look.

Limestone is also a wonderful option for residential countertop in Seattle homes. Made of sedimentary rocks, limestone is compacted and refined by pressure. These rocks are composed of fossils of marine organisms which are, sometimes, visible on limestone countertops.

Travertine and limestone residential countertop can be used in many areas of Seattle houses.

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