Quartz Countertops Add Value and Beauty to Clyde Hill Homes


Clyde Hill, WA homes can now benefit from the best quality kitchen quartz countertops that not only add value to your home, but also illustrate style and beauty you would expect from our product. Second only to diamond, quartz is the hardest natural stone, plentiful in source and built to last. The value of a quartz counter belongs to the very nature of the mineral.

As a countertop material, quartz is exceptionally durable. Kitchen quartz countertops are scratch and impact resistant, so they will withstand the daily use you would come to expect. With a quartz counter, your Clyde Hill home will have the advantage others don’t. Quartz is simple in its very nature, and the sanitary features will give that extra peace of mind to you and your family.

Resistant to the stains, acids and grease that inherently build up on your kitchen countertops, quartz can be cleaned effortlessly. These beautiful kitchen quartz countertops are available in a host of colors, features and designs that will make your Clyde Hill home even more magnificent.

Quartz Counter Design and Installation in Clyde Hill


Our in house design team offers the experience and reputation you would expect for a quality material such as quartz. Our reputation in designing quartz counter projects can now benefit homes like yours in Clyde Hill. Our quartz counter designs are unique and unrivalled in their nature. We tailor our designs to your every need, be it contemporary or classic, and there is no challenge too great.

We know each home is different, and those in Clyde Hill require a certain touch of finesse, which is why our quartz countertops are the perfect solution for all your counter needs.

We pride ourselves in accommodating your design needs, and our installation will make those needs become a reality for your home in Clyde Hill. Our team of professionals will ensure all features of the installation are undertaken efficiently and with as little intrusion as possible to leave you with the quartz counter you desire.

Clyde Hill Kitchen Quartz Countertops * Bathroom and Vanities


Along with our range of kitchen quartz countertops, we also offer an array of bathroom and vanities that take advantage of this beautiful material. Our team will furnish your bathroom and vanity with the same vision and charm your quartz kitchen dazzles with.

Your bathroom and vanity is a very unique personal area that should reflect your character, taste, and vision. We know this area of your house deserves the contemporary styling your kitchen has. Both kitchen and bathroom are two of the spaces in a home that are frequented the most.

The benefits of kitchen quartz countertops are abundant. Daily uses of these spaces can cause wear and tear on other materials, but quartz is strong, reliable, and clean. We guarantee that your bathroom and vanity will have the same stunning appearance year after year.