New Kitchen Countertops Can Transform an Outdated West Seattle Area Kitchen


West Seattle area homeowners looking to remodel and redecorate their kitchen with new tile flooring, kitchen countertops,or even just a kitchen backsplash can head to Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. For all of your kitchen countertops, backsplashes, or tile flooring in the West Seattle, WA area, we can:

  • Manufacture
  • Design
  • Install
  • Repair
  • Replace

Give a new look and feel to your kitchen remodel with the help of new kitchen countertops and a new kitchen backsplash, and add style and value of your West Seattle area home. Also, replacing your old flooring with new tile flooring could just add to your smile every time you enter your kitchen.

Imagine all the oil, dirt and grime your old kitchen backsplash has saved from your walls. It’s taken enough abuse, and may not longer be useful, either aesthetically or hygienically. Why not complement your new countertops and tile flooring with a matching, newly installed kitchen backsplash?

Kitchen Backsplash Choices for West Seattle Area Homeowners


The choices that we provide West Seattle area homeowners for new kitchen countertops or a new kitchen backsplash for are of the finest quality and widest range of choices, so as to satisfy the individual taste and desires of each customer.

Be it kitchen countertops, a new kitchen backsplash, or tile flooring, West Seattle area residents can now choose from awide array of:

  • Materials
  • Designs
  • Textures
  • Sizes

Our West Seattle area representative will first analyze the present state of your kitchen countertops, kitchen backsplash, and tile flooring to understand the need to replace or restoreyour kitchen. With this analysis and complete understanding of your needs, our representative can provide appropriate and custom options for your kitchen countertops, a new kitchen backsplash, and tile flooring.

Tile Flooring and Tile Countertops Can Enhance Any West Seattle Area Kitchen


In order to provide for and fit kitchen makeovers into all sizes of budgets, we provide West Seattle area homeowners with tile flooring, tile kitchen countertops, tile kitchen backsplash options. Tile is a perfect choice to fits within budgets of all sizes without compromising on material, color or texture options for kitchen countertops, backsplashes or tile flooring.

West Seattle area homeowners consider tiles perfect for designing kitchen countertops, a kitchen backsplash, or tile flooring because:

  • Tiles are cost-effective
  • Tiles come in a variety of designs and materials
  • Tiles come in many shapes and sizes

Be it kitchen countertops, tile flooring,just a new kitchen backsplash, or all three for your West Seattle area kitchen, you know to head to Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. to make your dream kitchen a reality.