Limestone Countertops for Issaquah Residents


Since setting up shop in 1982, Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. has strived to help home and business owners enhance their properties with the finest quality natural stone surfaces. Among the many countertop options we offer, one of our most popular is limestone countertops.

Made of a unique stone created in a marine environment, limestone countertops look great in any space thanks to their:

  • Soft beige and tan hues
  • Natural warmth
  • Relaxed look
  • Timeless appeal

Indeed, limestone countertops offer Issaquah, WA residents a wonderful alternative if they do not want to choose the typical, conventional choices of granite or marble.

Get in touch with us if you are one such home or business owner! We offer you a huge selection of limestone slabs in different colors and patterns. We also have skilled fabricators and installers who will install your custom limestone countertops in your Issaquah property.

Call today for a free estimate on limestone countertops cost.

Travertine Countertops for Issaquah Homes & Businesses


We also offer travertine countertops for Issaquah residents who do not have the inclination or budget for other traditional natural stone surfaces.

With their velvety appearance, travertine countertops make the decor look posh without making the property owner dig deep into their pockets. The best thing about travertine countertops is that they are very versatile surfaces. Travertine countertops:

  • Work well in both residential and commercial settings
  • Are good for hot kitchens as well as humid bathrooms
  • Combine vintage grace with modern style
  • Can be given a polished, matte, tumbled or brushed finish

Moreover, a little travertine countertop maintenance can help your investment last for the long-term.

Travertine Tile – Floors & Bathroom Surrounds in Issaquah


Though travertine countertops are less expensive than granite and marble ones, the costs can be reduced even further by having the surfaces crafted with travertine tile.

We maintain a large inventory of travertine tile in a variety of hues and veining designs. Besides making travertine tile countertops for Issaquah properties, we can use the tile for many other installations like shower and bathtub surrounds, bathroom flooring and kitchen backsplash.

At our company, we want our customers to make optimal use of their travertine tile installations. That is why we have our technicians:

  • Work with the utmost diligence
  • Ensure high precision workmanship
  • Offer customers helpful tips on travertine tile care

Head straight to Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. if you are interested in installation of limestone countertops or travertine countertops in your Issaquah property. Call (206) 453-2766.