Lake Stevens Commercial Countertops


Are you a hotel or restaurant owner in Lake Stevens, WA? Do you need custom countertops to install in the property? If yes, Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. is just the place for you.

We are a leading provider of commercial countertops in the Lake Stevens area. Founded in 1982, our business is a one-stop shop for commercial countertops. We offer highly professional services for designing, fabricating and installing commercial countertops for Lake Stevens hotels and restaurants.

Our skilful technicians can create custom countertops in a variety of countertop materials and for diverse applications. We can make any commercial countertops that Lake Stevens restaurants or hotels may need, including:

  • Reception counters
  • Kitchen shelves or butcher blocks
  • Bar counters
  • Restaurant tables

Lake Stevens Countertop Materials


Besides hotels and restaurants, we offer commercial countertops for offices. We offer natural stone countertop materials for Lake Stevens businesses to make tables desks and other surfaces in their offices. The options include marble, granite, quartz, limestone and more in numerous hues and patterns.

Take a look at the huge variety we offer in countertop materials to make custom countertops. We are confident that you will find countertop materials that are perfect for your needs.

Whichever natural stone you select, our countertop materials help your Lake Stevens office get wonderful custom countertops that:

  • Complement the office d├ęcor
  • Increase efficiency of the work place
  • Offer good value for money

Come to us for the some of the finest countertop materials available in the Lake Stevens area.

Lake Stevens Custom Countertops


We are committed to offering the best in custom countertops to Lake Stevens business owners. Your business provides you livelihood and every little thing in the business place affects the return from your investment.

We do our bit towards improving your productivity by providing the most beautiful, functional and durable custom countertops for your Lake Stevens business place. We offer commercial countertops made of quality materials sourced from leading quarries around the world.

To further ensure 100% satisfaction of businesses that choose us for custom countertops in Lake Stevens, we depend on our:

  • Top-of-the-line countertop fabrication machines
  • Vigorously trained and highly experienced technicians
  • Company wide commitment to excellence in every aspect of the job

Call (206) 453-2766 for more details about the countertop materials and services Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. offers for making customized commercial countertops for businesses in Lake Stevens.