Tile Flooring Options for the Hunts Point Homeowner


When it comes to having a wide variety of tiles to choose from for your home’s kitchen or bathroom tile flooring, Allied Marble, Inc. is one name that should come to mind for Hunts Point residents.

Our company was started in 1982 in the city of Bellevue, and throughout the years, we have grown to become one of the top names when it comes to providing kitchen and bathroom tile flooring and backsplash tile installation services and products in Hunts Point, WA and the surrounding areas.

No matter what style your Hunts Point home is, you can be certain that you will find some of the best tiles in terms of quality and appearance from us. We offer tiles for different applications, including backsplash tile for Hunts Point countertops and vanities and kitchen or bathroom tile flooring in natural stones, such as:

  • Marble-which is the most common and popular among Hunts Point homeowners
  • Granite-popular due to its durability and low-maintenance features
  • Quartz-highly resistant to scratches and durable
  • Travertine-known for its ability to blend in with any type of decor or kitchen or bathroom style

We provide services for the renewal of old bathroom tile flooring or backsplash tile replacements in your home as well.

Backsplash Tile and Tile Countertops for Hunts Point Kitchens


We know that every Hunts Point homeowner loves their kitchen. This is exactly why we provide some of the best-looking top-of-the-line tile flooring backsplash tile options for your Hunts Point kitchen as well as kitchen countertops.

Your kitchen can look stylish as well as extremely functional with our myriad of elegant-looking backsplash tile choices. The quality we provide is also top-notch, so you do not have to worry about your backsplash tile cracking within a short span of time.

We have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians to install your backsplash tile, kitchen tile, or bathroom tile flooring selections. We always make sure that:

  • The space in your room for the tiles is measured with precision
  • Measurements are used to fabricate your tiles for a perfect fit
  • The stone for your tiles is cut by hand by skilled professionals
  • Special angles are perfectly cut by hand
  • All tiles are hand-polished by experts
  • The tiles are installed with perfection to make sure that you are satisfied

Bathroom Tile, Tub Surrounds and Tile Vanities for Hunts Point Bathrooms


Whether you are looking for bathroom tile, backsplash tile, or tile flooring for your kitchen in Hunts Point, you can be 100% certain that we can provide it to you.

We are experts in tiles for:

  • Vanities
  • Bath-tub surrounds
  • Kitchen tile flooring
  • Bathroom tile flooring

So, you can be sure that the products and services that we offer are of the highest quality.

Call Allied Marble, Inc. for a free estimate and for some of the best in kitchen or bathroom tile flooring and backsplash tile products and services in the Hunts Point area. Call us today at 206-453-2766!