Tile Flooring Options for the Edmonds Area Homeowner


Confused about the flooring options for your new construction the in Edmonds, WA area? Want to replace the floor of your home? Consider tile flooring. Tile flooring in the Edmonds area is an option that is classy, never out offashion, low-maintenance and long-lasting. However, to get the most out of your tile flooring investment, you should go to a professional you can trust for:

  • Excellent tile flooring products
  • Precise measurement of tile flooring in the Edmonds area
  • Seamless tile flooring fabrication
  • Perfect tile flooring installation

You get it all when bring your tile flooring project in the Edmonds area to Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. Since 1982, we have been supplying natural stone floor tiles in different sizes, designs and colors to meet all possible needs for tile flooring in the Edmonds area.

Backsplash Tile and Tile Countertops for Edmonds Area Kitchens


We also install customized tile countertops and backsplash tile in the Edmonds area that make great decorative and functional additions to your kitchen. Countertop and backsplash tile in the Edmonds area results in beautiful, hard-wearing and durable surfaces. We offer you backsplash tile and tile countertops in a range of stone materials, and we supplement them with superb countertop and backsplash tile installation services. To ensure excellence in your tile countertop and backsplash tile installation jobs in the Edmonds area, we work with technicians who are:

  • Highly trained in working with backsplash tile and countertops
  • Experienced in installing tile countertop and backsplash tile in the Edmonds area
  • Trained in the use of advanced tools for fabricating and installing countertop and backsplash tile
  • Committed to providing you with the best possible backsplash tile and countertops

Bathroom Tile, Tub Surrounds and Tile Vanities for Edmonds Area Bathrooms


Creative use of bathroom tile in the Edmonds area can help you get an elegant bathroom at a very affordable cost. While bathroom tile flooring is quite popular, bathroom tile can also be used to great effect for tub surrounds and vanities. Whatever your bathroom tile needs are in the Edmonds area, we are the experts to get in touch with. We offer high-quality bathroom tile in many types of natural stones. Our bathroom tile products in the Edmonds area come in a variety of patterns and hues to help you create a completely unique bathroom. Our experts help you get bathroom tile vanities and bathroom tile tub surrounds that set off your bathroom tile flooring wonderfully. Moreover, our precise fabrication and installation of bathroom tile in the Edmonds area ensures that your bathroom is extremely:

  • Beautiful
  • Functional
  • Durable

In the Edmonds area, residents can call Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. at (206) 453-2766 to get free estimates for their tile flooring, backsplash tile, bathroom tile or other stone tile projects.