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Marble Countertops Add Beauty to Normandy Park Kitchens


Marble countertops (such as part of a marble bathroom or kitchen or in marble vanities) consist of a large marble slab which is placed upon a set of cupboards and drawers.

A visually impressive and incredibly useful addition for the ambience of a Normandy Park, WA household, a marble countertop goes a long way in creating the right impression while serving a large number of purposes.

For Normandy Park residential property owners who are in the market for a new marble countertop, accurately measuring the counter is essential since a single miscalculation, even if in millimeters can throw off the entire installation since a slab too big will not fit into the required space and a slab too small will leave unsightly gaps.

With Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. on the job, you can avail the most accurate in – home marble countertop measurement as well as marble countertop installation services.

With most Normandy Park homes having 90 degree cabinet sections, getting a marble template might not be a priority, but in case of any rounded, angled or a specifically shaped counter, getting the right marble template is a must.

Luxurious Marble Bathroom Designs for Normandy Park Homeowners


At Allied Marble & Granite, Inc., we operate on a well-defined method of operations when we deliver our marble countertops (such as part of a marble bathroom or kitchen or in marble vanities) installation services to residential property owners in Normandy Park, the first of which is the measurements.

Our experts start from the bathroom walls, working their way down to the opposing wall or the counter’s end, making the necessary adjustments and calculations in order to make enough room to account for the thickness of the backsplash.

Our expert marble countertop installation team also takes into account the overhang required by the Normandy Park residential property owners.

While preparing a detailed layout including the marked locations and dimensions of:

  • All appliances
  • Sinks
  • Backsplashes
  • Edges with special finishes

Allied Marble & Granite, Inc.’s marble countertop installation experts also note down the areas which will require the right marble template in order for accurate fabrication of the marble countertops (such as part of a marble bathroom or kitchen or in marble vanities).

Normandy Park Marble Vanities and Countertops * A Touch of Elegance


Available in an extensive, almost infinitesimal combination of colors, shades and finishes, Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. gives Normandy Park’s residential property owners the opportunity to completely redo and upgrade their home’s design.

So call the marble countertop experts from Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. or check out our website to see all your marble countertops (such as part of a marble bathroom or kitchen or in marble vanities)options today.