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Granite Countertops Add Beauty and Value to Washington Park Homes • Kitchen • Bathroom


If you are looking for some of the best granite countertops available in the Washington Park, WA area, you should browse our inventory of fantastic granite counter and granite backsplash options here at Allied Marble, Inc.

We are a company that was started by Magic and Quang Mai in Bellevue in the year 1982. Taking their experience and knowledge from working in their father’s granite counter and granite backsplash installation business in Asia, the brothers have made our company one of the most trusted services for granite countertops in the Washington Park area.

If you want to install new granite countertops in your kitchen and bathroom, we can provide the some of the best products and services in the Washington Park area and beyond. We have a huge collection of eye-catching granite countertops that are of high quality to add aesthetic appeal and high market value to your Washington Park home. The natural stones that we use for our granite counter and granite backsplash choices come from all over the world. Our company offers:

  • Materials for high quality granite counter and granite backsplash sets in Washington Park
  • High-quality granite for Washington Park bathroom vanities and tub surrounds
  • Granite flooring for your Washington Park home

We will give you a free estimate before you start renovating so that you can fix a budget for your granite countertops that suits you.

Choosing the Best Granite Counter in Washington Park * Granite Slabs


Getting high quality vanities and granite countertops in Washington Park is easy as we only keep high-quality products in our inventory. When you choose the best granite counter and granite backsplash, you are guaranteed a durable and low-maintenance product. Our granite slabs and tiles will add beauty and functionality to your Washington Park kitchen and bathroom.

We will make sure that you get one of the best vanities, granite counter and granite backsplash in Washington Park. We will provide you with:

  • An experienced design team to help you with your granite countertops
  • Experienced technicians for perfect granite counter and granite backsplash installations
  • Help in finding the best style and texture of granite countertops for your kitchen and bathroom

A Granite Backsplash to Accent Your Granite Countertops


You can find the finest granite backsplash options in Washington Park to match your granite countertop our vanity in our large our collection. The Allied Marble, Inc. team will make sure that your kitchen and bathroom looks luxurious and beautiful with full granite counter and granite backsplash sets.

Getting a granite backsplash to accent your granite countertop or vanity can give you a well-coordinated room that is bound to catch everyone’s eye! When choosing a granite counter and granite backsplash, consider:

  • Size of the slab and tiles
  • Color of granite countertops you desire
  • Whether you want the granite backsplash to match or contrast with the granite counter

For the some of the best vanities and granite countertops in Washington Park, call us at 206-453-2766 today! We everything you need for a new granite counter and granite backsplash.