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Granite Countertops Add Beauty and Value to Redmond Homes • Kitchen • Bathroom



Granite countertops (a granite counter and granite backsplash)are definitely one of the most popular materials for Redmond, WA countertops these days.

They are being used both in residential and commercial settings. This is because not only does this provide you a spectacular appearance but the durability also makes it suitable for everyday use.

Having granite countertops (a granite counter and granite backsplash) in your kitchen is one of the sure shot ways to increase the value of your home.

As this sort of setting is very common in kitchens, it is a good addition to the house even when you want to sell the house. It will help in getting a much better profit from the house when you sell it.

Choosing the Best Granite Counter in Redmond * Granite Slabs



Choosing the best granite countertops (a granite counter and granite backsplash) will take a certain amount of effort from your side but whatever the effort you put in will be totally worth it.

Some of the common features that you should look for in granite countertops (a granite counter and granite backsplash) are:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Resistance to scratches
  • Heat resistant properties
  • Easy maintenance
  • No need for special cleaning materials
  • A appealing appearance


Such features are what are making granite countertops (a granite counter and granite backsplash) exceedingly famous with homeowners everywhere.

The best news is that once the countertop has been invested in, it is an addition for life and does not have to be moved.

If you are interested in the finest granite countertops (a granite counter and granite backsplash) in the Redmond, WA area, then Allied Marble Inc. is the one to call for purchasing and installing this beautiful piece of furniture in the house.

A Granite Backsplash to Accent Your Granite Countertops



One of the most common applications of granite is in the form of granite backsplash tiles. However, the decision regarding this should be taken with proper consideration as it can either provide the perfect look to the kitchen or completely ruin the entire appearance.

Are you interested in looking for the finest granite backsplash options? If yes, then Allied Marble Inc. is the place you should get in touch with.

Not only do we provide you with the finest range of options but our executives are also well versed in the entire process and can advise you on what will suit you the best.

Now not only can you be assured of having the finest services at your disposal but you can also have the appropriate professional advice to go along with it.