Granite and Quartz Seattle

Granite-and-Quartz-Seattle-WAYou are about to make a decision on new countertops and need to learn more about the pros and cons of granite and quartz countertop for your Seattle, WA home.

Out of granite and quartz, granite is 100% natural, obtained from quarries or pits as large sections of stone. Quartz countertop used in Seattle properties, on the other hand, contain 93% crushed quartz mixed with 7% resin.

Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. provides both granite and quartz countertops to Seattle homeowners.

For the astute buyer, natural slab granite countertops provide the greatest visual depth, with unique patterning that cannot be matched by quartz.

What will you choose out of granite and quartz for your Seattle home? Read the follow-on information to learn more about each material.

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Granite Countertops Seattle

Granite-Countertops-Seattle-WALet us aware you of some important features of granite countertops for Seattle properties. This will help you to make a better choice between quartz and granite countertops for your Seattle home.

Advantages and disadvantages of granite countertops for Seattle residential and commercial properties are:

  • Coming right from the earth, the appearance of granite is not uniform
  • Countertops require sealing before first use and repeated for life
  • If the sealant becomes compromised, the countertop can become stained
  • Granite is extremely durable and tough
  • Because of the heavy weight, granite countertops require professional installation
  • Hiding seams in a granite countertop is impossible
  • Granite products require little to no maintenance

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Quartz Countertops Seattle

Quartz-Countertops-Seattle-WAFrom your initial perspective, you may be looking at granite and quartz countertops for your Seattle property and asking, “How different can they be?”

Let us help you by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of quartz countertops for Seattle homes:

  • Quartz countertops are more flexible than granite ones
  • Quartz and granite are equal in strength
  • While quartz counters are durable, they are not indestructible
  • Quartz counters may experience discoloration when exposed to ultraviolet sun rays
  • They don’t require initial or subsequent sealing

Granite or quartz countertops in your Seattle property? Now you know the features of each for consideration. Irrespective of whether you go for granite or quartz countertops in Seattle, you will be pleased with our services!

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