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Best Granite Countertops for Seattle, Bellevue Customers



Are you in the market for a great way to both add value to your home and beautify it at the same time?

Or maybe you are sick and tired of having peeling Formica be your kitchen’s identifying characteristic?

Allied Marble and Granite can help solve all your problems with our granite countertop installation and design services.


  • Design and Installation of Granite Countertops
  • Years of Experience with Granite Countertops
  • Hundreds of Granite Slabs From Which to Choose
  • Repair and Restoration Services for Existing Stone



The beauty, durability, and value that granite countertops add to your home is impossible to quantify in price alone.

Solid granite countertops not only add an incredible beauty to any kitchen or bathroom, but also add maintenance ease, and vast resale value.

Granite countertops have become the gold standard with which all other kitchen countertop surfaces are measured, and are popular with nearly every culture and society around the world.


Granite Slabs • Granite Backsplashes


Granite slabs are also commonly used to create beautiful granite backsplashes to accent your new granite countertops. smith-home6

While granite tiles are also sometimes used to create your granite backsplashes, a solid granite backsplash can add a new look or style that beautifully accents your home.

At Allied Marble and Granite, we have hundreds of granite slabs that you can choose from, and an experienced design staff to help you discover what each granite slab would look like once installed in your kitchen.

We also price each project out by the foot, not by the entire granite slab.


Choose us for Granite Backsplashes and Countertops


Regardless if you are looking for variety of choice, esthetic appeal, or durability, granite countertops and granite backsplashes installed by Allied Marble and Granite will exceed your every expectation.


Let the experts at Allied Marble and Granite bring our experience, commitment to customer service, and keen eye for design, to your home.

We will design the perfect kitchen granite countertops and backsplashes that you have always dreamed of.

Call Allied Marble and Granite today and book an appointment for your new granite countertops or come see our beautiful showroom and portfolio!