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Granite Countertops Add Beauty and Value to Queen Anne Homes • Kitchen • Bathroom


In 1982, brothers Magic and Quang Mai started Allied Marble, Inc. in Bellevue. Taking the experience they got from working at their father’s granite counter and granite backsplash installation business, they strove to make our company a complete provider of services and products for countertops the Queen Anne area.

As our business grew, we moved to Seattle where and we have been providing excellent granite counter and granite backsplash services to Queen Anne homeowners ever since.

Providing granite countertops in Queen Anne, WA is one of our specialties and we provide natural stones of the highest quality to customers to make sure that their homes have the best kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Although we started as a tile provider for commercial applications, we now provide granite countertops for residential properties as well. The services that we offer in Queen Anne are:

  • Designs for granite countertops
  • Installation of granite countertops
  • Restoration and repair of your existing granite counter and granite backsplash
  • Installation of granite vanities for bathrooms

With us, you can get a free estimate to help you fix a budget for your Queen Anne home’s granite counter and granite backsplash installation project. We can add aesthetic appeal to your home and also increase its market value with quality granite countertops.

Choosing the Best Granite Counter in Queen Anne * Granite Slabs


If you are looking to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look, we recommend granite countertops. You can have one of the best granite counter and granite backsplash sets in Queen Anne with our collection of high quality natural stones.

If you want durability and style, you cannot go wrong with a granite counter and granite backsplash. We have a helpful team to help you select the best granite countertops for your kitchen and bathroom.

We have hundreds of granite countertops for you to choose from in our inventory. We have no doubt that we will have the perfect granite counter and granite backsplash for your home. We make every step of the project easy for you by:

  • Helping you select the best granite counter and granite backsplash
  • Creating designs to suit your Queen Anne home
  • Making sure that the space for your granite countertops are measured with precision
  • Providing skilled and experienced technicians for every granite counter and granite backsplash job

A Granite Backsplash to Accent Your Granite Countertops


You can add more appeal to your kitchen and bathroom by matching your granite counter with a beautiful granite backsplash. You can choose from tiles or slabs to accent the granite countertops you have. This will add great aesthetics as well as increased value and ease of maintenance. What more could you ask for?

Contact us for:

  • Quality granite slabs
  • Complete granite counter and granite backsplash sets
  • Custom granite countertops
  • Design and installation services

For a free estimate or more information on granite countertops, call us at Allied Marble, Inc. at 206-453-2766 today! We serve Queen Anne with some of the best granite counter and granite backsplash options available.